Former Student Advising

CoS-SSC provides advising for “Former Student Returning (FSR)” and “Recently Disqualified from Major” students.

SJSU's Academic Notice and Academic Disqualification Process

Am I a “Former Student Returning (FSR)”?

“Former SJSU Student (FSR)” applies to you when you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Former College of Science student who has not attended SJSU for more than one semester and seek readmission to SJSU as a science major
  • Former College of Science student who was disqualified from SJSU and now seeking reinstatement and readmission to SJSU

If one or more of these criteria apply to you and are interested in advising, contact us at

Am I a “Recently Disqualified from Major” student?

“Recently Disqualified from Major” applies to you if you are former College of Science student recently disqualified from your major and are now assigned an “Undeclared” student status.

Schedule a Former Student Returning Advising appointment via Spartan Connect 

Read the Spartan Connect Student Self-Service Appointment Scheduling Guide to learn how to schedule your major advising appointment.

SJSU Former Student Returning Resources