Apply to a College of Science Major

Change of Major Application deadlines: Dec. 1st (Spring) or May 1st (Fall).


  • BA Biological Sciences
  • BS Ecology and Evolution
  • BS Marine Biology
  • BS Biological Sciences, Microbiology
  • BS Biological Sciences, Molecular Biology
  • BS Biological Sciences, Systems Physiology


  • BA Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry, Biochemistry

Computer Science

  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Data Science
  • BS Computer Science and Linguistics


  • BS Earth System Science
  • BS Geology

Mathematics and Statistics

  • BA Mathematics
  • BA Mathematics, Integrated Teacher Education Program
  • BS Applied Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • BS Statistics


  • BS Climate Science
  • BS Meteorology


  • BA Physics
  • BA Physics, Preparation for Teaching
  • BS Physics