Change of Major: Mathematics and Statistics

The Mathematics and Statistics Change of Major application process is for current students declared a major in the Mathematics and Statistics Department AND for students declared a major outside the Mathematics and Statistics Department interested in pursuing a change of major to any major within the Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Students are encouraged to inquire about the Change of Major requirements each academic year due to potential changes to department-specific application requirements between application periods.

Learn about majors in the Mathematics and Statistics Department:

  • BA Mathematics
  • BA Mathematics, Integrated Teacher Educational Program
  • BS Applied Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • BS Statistics

Change of Major Advising

Visit the Math Department website "Majoring in Math - Frequently Asked Questions" and expand "What do I need to request a change of major to math?" to learn about the requirements to be eligible to apply to a major in Mathematics and Statistics Department.

Apply to Mathematics and Statistics

To apply to a major within the Mathematics and Statistics Department, evaluate your eligibility based on current admission criteria. When ready to apply, request a Change of Major Application. Requesting an application will be available in Fall 2024.

The Spring 2024 "Request for a Change of Major Application" is closed for Fall 2024 admittance consideration. If you have questions about your change of major application, email the College of Science Academic Programs support unit at

Requesting a Change of Major Application does not automatically result in admittance to the major.