Creating Curricular Communities

Following the success of Ready for Re-Entry, Pandemic Pandemonium and the Inclusion Initiative, the College of Humanities and the Arts has instituted student curricular engagement with current issues as an annual initiative of H&A in Action with awards for best student creations selected by a committee. In addition, we will occasionally host faculty learning communities around particular events or performances. Use the navigation menu to select the theme or faculty learning community that you're interested in explore.  

For Faculty: For more information, instructions, timeline, links for submission, an invitation to self-nominate to serve on the awards committee, and a flipbook of student awardees see below 

                                     1984 Language/Power

Join us to discuss, experience or wonder about George Orwell's popular novel, 1984, especially as we continue to grapple with similar issues in 2024. Then, in May 2024, join SJSU Department of Film, Theater, and Dance in their stage-adaptation of 1984 at the Hammer Theatre Center.  

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Past Initiatives

Ready for Re-Entry  
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Sustainable Futures Curricular Community The Inclusion Initiative Curricular Community
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