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Now that you have been awarded an Artistic Excellence Programming Grant, it's time to get started on planning the details of your event, inviting other faculty to integrate your project into their courses, and managing your budget. As you progress through your implementation of the project, consider creating behind-the-scenes content that we can post to our Stories of Engagement. The below resources will help you with all of these details to produce and document a successful program, event, exhibit, or workshop. 

NEW for 2022-2023: "Best of" Awards

To recognize extraordinary efforts by AEPG event coordinators, this year we are providing two $1,000 professional development awards to the AEPG projects that best represent each category below:

  • Community Engagement (1 award): This category recognizes the AEPG project that robustly invites the non-SJSU community in, not just as observers but as contributors to and members of the "conversation." Community engagement can be captured by administering this engagement survey, demonstrating community interaction in your final report, and submitting a story of engagement. 
  • Interdisciplinary Engagement (1 award): This category recognizes the AEPG project that collaborates robustly and widely with students and faculty outside the projects' department, school, or similar discipline by, for example, implementing collaborative assignments and projects or creating learning communities and common intellectual experiences. Example: the AEPG project is embedded into a course with an assignment and prominent student interaction (beyond attending the event); ideally, the interdisciplinary engagement is between, e.g., visual art and philosophy, or music and foreign languages, or dance and literatures. Engagement beyond our college is highly recommended, e.g., Computer Science and Design. 

The awards will be decided at the conclusion of the Spring 2023 semester based upon each AEPG project engagement survey responses, final report, and story of engagement submission. The awards committee will consist of the Dean, Director of Public Programming, and Associate Dean of Student Success. 

Getting Started

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