The College of Humanities & the Arts welcome students and community members to explore the many ways our College supports and promotes the power of the arts and humanities.  Centrally embracing goals of SJSU's Transformation 2030 "Engage and Educate" and "Connect and Contribute," the Humanities and Arts in Action illustrates the vibrant teaching, learning, and connecting with the community and other arts institutions that define our College.  

By connecting course activities and engaging surrounding communities our faculty offer:

  • A way to leverage differences to fuel innovation and demonstrate curiosity, resilience, and tenacity.
  • A way to build on lived expertise of the surrounding community.
  • A way to create global awareness and an understanding of culture and context for facilitating interactions between disciplines.
  • A way to model amplifying community voices and histories that might not otherwise be heard.
  • An opportunity to transform conversations about environmental grand challenges and break down divisions between humanities, arts, social, and natural sciences.