The College of Humanities and the Arts at San José State University is committed to the power of the arts and humanities to improve and to change the world. We leverage the humanities and arts to ask the most important questions of our time, including our recent College themes on Borderlands and Deep Humanities & Arts, initiatives that recognizes the importance of embedding the values of the humanities and arts within the DNA of emergent technology, including social media. Click below to read more about each thematic initiative.

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Embracing the goals of SJSU's Transformation 2030, our Humanities and Arts in Action illustrates the vibrant teaching, learning, and connecting with the community and other arts institutions that define our College as we "Engage and Educate" and "Connect and Contribute." A number of the public programming activities under the broad themes above include collaborations with San Jose area museums, libraries, and various arts and cultural organizations. See our initiative H&A in San Jose.

The College of Humanities and Arts has limited funding to support our goals of integrated curriculum and programming to support our students’ learning and promote the value of the arts and humanities with local community partners.  Please consider a gift to extend the amazing programming and curricular innovation we have been able to provide over the last 4 years.

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