Video Presentation Guide for Students

Students can use Zoom or Canvas Studio for recording their video presentations. This guide will explain how to record using webcam and screen sharing option on Zoom and screen capture and webcam capture option on Canvas Studio in details. Below are the contents of this guide:

  1. Zoom video recording:
  2. Webcam recording using Canvas Studio:
  3. Record a Canvas Studio screen capture video


1. Zoom video recording:


  1. Please make sure that settings for Zoom local recording in enabled.
    Login to Click on “Sign in”. Sign in using your SJSU credential:
    Sign in to zoom 
  2. Click on Settings option in the left navigation menu and then click on Recording tab:
    Select Settings, then Recordings
  3. In the Recording tab, navigate to the Local Recording option and verify that the setting is enabled.
    If the setting is disabled, click the toggle to enable it. If a verification dialog displays, choose Turn On to verify the change.
    Local recording settings
  4. Now you can click on “Host Meeting” with video on option:
    Click on host meeting
  5. It will then ask you to either download Zoom app or if you have zoom already installed to open
    Open Zoom app
  6. The zoom app will be opened with the meeting. It will then ask you to for enabling the audio. Select the option “Join with computer audio”:
    Click computer audio
  7. Please make sure that you are ready to give your video presentation. Make sure that the lighting is good and your video is clear. Also, if you need to show some PowerPoint slides or any other content from your system during the presentation. Please open them on your system so that they can be shown using the screen sharing option later.

    You can also add virtual background to your video:
  8. When you are ready to start your presentation, click the option to Record. Select Record on this Computer option.
    Zoom menu bar
  9. Hosts will see the following recording indicator in the top-left corner while recording is active.
    Recording Buttons
  10. Once the recording is started you will get the option to pause and stop the recording. You can pause the video to resume later. You can also stop the recording and start a new recording again. At the end of the meeting all the recordings will be saved locally to your system.
    Pause and stop recording
  11. Zoom screen share recording: If you want to record share the content on your screen, then click Share on the Zoom Menu Bar.
    Click share option on Menu bar
  12. Select your content that you want to share. If your content that you want to share is not present in the window below, then select Desktop and click on share. If your presentation includes narration, sound, or video, then select the Share computer sound option at the bottom.
    Select Screen for sharing
  13. Once you are done with sharing your screen, you can click on “Stop share” button.
    Stop Screen share option in menu bar
  14. You can continue with your presentation. Once you are done with your presentation click on “End Meeting” option.
    End Meeting option in menu bar
  15. Once the meeting is ended, recording is generated and saved locally to your system.
    Converting the meeting
  16. Once the conversion is completed, you will get the option to save the recording:
    Save the meeting to desired location
    Your recording would be saved in mp4 format in the folder that you selected in previous step.


2. Webcam recording using Canvas Studio:


  1. Sign into Canvas using your SJSU credential. Click on Studio option in the left navigation menu:
    Select "Studio" option in Canvas
  2. To record a video, click the Record button [1], then click the Webcam Capture link [2].
    Select web cam capture
  3. Allow Access
    To give access to your computer's microphone and camera, click the Allow button.
    Allow access to microphone and webcam
  4. Start Recording
    Click the Start Recording button.
    Click on start recording
  5. Finish Recording
    Finish RecordingWhen your video recording is done, click the Finish button.
  6. Save Recording
    Save the recording
  7. View the recording. Enter a title in the title field [1] and click the Save button [2]. If you want to record again, click the Start Over button [3].
  8. View Recording
    View Recordings
    In the My Uploads page, view your video recording. Once the recording is processed, you can manage all controls and settings.

3. Record a Canvas Studio screen capture video

  1. Record Screen Capture
    Click on Screen CaptureTo record a screen capture, click the Record button [1] and then click the Screen Capture link [2].
  2. Download and Install Screen Capture ApplicationDownload screen capture application
    To record the screen, you will need to download and install the screen capture application. To download the application, click the Download button.

    Note: If you have downloaded a different version of the screen capture application, uninstall the previous version and download the recent version from Studio.
  3. Record Screen Capture
    Screen Capture setting

    To manage recording settings, click the Settings icon [1]. You can also choose the type of recording [2], screen size [3], and narration volume [4].
    To change your recording preferences, click the Preferences button [5]. The preferences you can change include the pause hotkey, webcam big hotkey, mark timeline hotkey, count down, control bar, webcam preview, fullscreen rec controls, reposition cursor on resume, and keyboard controls while paused.
    To use the draw and zoom tools, click the pen icon [6]. The draw and zoom tools include lines, arrows, boxes, highlights, speech bubbles, and colors, etc.
    To start the screen capture, click the Rec button [7]. 
  4. Pause Screen Capture
    Pause Screen Capture

    When the screen capture is done, click the Pause button.
  5. Finish Screen Capture
    finish screen capture

    To upload the screen capture, click the Done button [1].To preview the screen capture, click the Play button [2]. To delete the screen capture and start over, click the Delete button [3].
  6. Upload Screen Capture
    Add Title, Description and upload

    To upload the screen capture, enter a title [1], description [2], and then click the Upload button [3]. You can also edit the capture [4], redo the capture [5], or cancel the capture [6].
  7. Return to Uploads
    Upload to Studio

    Click the Continue button.
  8. View Screen Capture
    View the uploaded video in screen capture

    In the My Uploads page, view your screen capture. Once the screen capture is processed, you can manage all controls and settings.