How to access Zoom for students

  1. If the zoom app is already installed on your system. Open the zoom app and follow procedure from step 5.
    If the zoom app is not installed, login to Click on “Sign in”. Sign in using your SJSU credential:
    Zoom sign in page to configure your account.
  2. Click on Resources at the top navigation menu, and select ‘Download Zoom Client’.
    Download Zoom Client available from Resources menu.
  3. Download Zoom clients for meeting package:
    Download Zoom package onto the computer.
  4. Download and save the zoom package. Then double click on the downloaded package and continue with the installation step: Double click to install the Zoom app. Zoom installation menu first step introducting what Zoom is. Zoom installation was successful checkmark.
  5. The zoom app will now be launched. Click on sign in: Zoom signin menu.
  6. Then click on “Sign In with SSO”:
    Zoom Sign in with SSO menu. 
  7. Type in sjsu as the domain name:
    Zoom signin with SSO by entering SJSU. 
  8. The browser will open and you will need to provide your SJSU credential for sign in.
  9. Once signed in, you will see the below Zoom app home page. Click on “New Meeting” to start a new meeting.
    Zoom download interface after signing in.
  10. The zoom app will be opened with the meeting. It will then ask you to enable the audio. Select the option “Join with computer audio”:
  11.  Zoom session join with audio.
  12. You can now invite others by clicking on invite option at the bottom meeting option panel:
    Zoom invite others to the session. 
  13. Click on invite and then choose either of the option to copy url or copy invitation:
    Zoom invite others from contact list to attend.
  14. Open your email and compose a new email. Paste the copied URL or invitation in the email and send email to people you want to invite for this meeting.
    The participants can join this meeting using the URL provided in the email.

Once done with the meeting, click on end meeting present in the zoom meetings options at the bottom:
Zoom end meeting option.

Zoom end meeting choices: cancel, leave meeting, and end meeting for all.