Certificate in Tax Practice

Program Overview

The Certificate in Tax Practice provides nine units of graduate level tax research and tax foundation skills and knowledge to students who already have either an undergraduate or graduate degree in accounting. This certificate can also assist someone seeking nine units to help meet the required 150 units to become a CPA. It can help with career advancement and passing the CPA examination. The nine units can be applied to the MST program (if within the required time limits for degree completion).

Courses include:

BUS 223A Tax Research and Decision Making (3 units)

In addition to six units from:
BUS 223F Tax Accounting Methods/Periods (3 units)
BUS 223G Taxation of Business Entities (3 units)
BUS 225F State Taxation Fundamentals (3 units)
BUS 225H Taxation of Property Transactions (3 units)
BUS 225L Accounting for Income Taxes (3 units)
BUS 225W Introduction to International Taxation (3 units)
BUS 227A Individual Tax Compliance (1 unit)
BUS 227B Ethics for Tax Practitioners (1 unit)
BUS 227C Tax Symposium (1 unit)
BUS 227D Employment Taxation and the Modern Workforce (1 unit)
BUS 227E Foundation for Understanding Taxation (1 unit)
BUS 227F Personal and Business Leadership Skills for Tax Practitioners (2 units)

You will need to complete all courses with an overall GPA of 3.0 (B), with no course grade less than a C (2.0). A C- grade or below in any class is considered failing. Only three units of coursework with a grade of C can count toward the certificate.

You must complete all courses at SJSU to earn the Certificate in Tax Practice.

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Note: San Jose State University cannot issue an I-20 to secure an F-1 visa to enter or remain in the United States for this program.

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