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Today's successful businesses need to base decisions on expert analysis of large volumes of data. The need for successful graduates with a strong analytical background and skills – MBA graduates in particular – has never been higher and is expected to increase over the coming years.

The Certificate in Business Analytics is an intensive online program designed for business professionals and graduate students who want to transform terabytes of data into useful and timely business intelligence. Whether your focus is on marketing, operations, finance, strategy, international business or human resources, you will learn how to use data to make knowledge-driven business decisions. 

This four-course (12 unit) program is taught by SJSU College of Business faculty. Each course is delivered over an eight-week period. To complete the certificate, students must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 on the program as a whole. Only three units of "C" and 0 units of less than "C" coursework can be applied toward a certificate. Only three units of an entire program can be repeated (and can be repeated a single time only). If a course is repeated, both grades will be used in the computation of program GPA.

The courses are completed asynchronously. The program is designed with a flexible schedule ideal for working professionals. Students can begin the certificate in fall or spring semester and complete courses in less than one calendar year.

Courses can also be taken separately from the certificate program. 

The four courses include:

BUS 235A: Introduction to Business Analytics
BUS 235B: Business Research
BUS 235C: Data Mining for Business Analytics
BUS 235D: Business Analytics Simulation

For students interested in pursuing an MBA program offered by the Lucas Graduate School of Business, SJSU allows a transfer of up to 12 units for courses completed in the certificate or eligible graduate courses taken at another institution. 

The completion of the certificate or any of its individual courses does not guarantee admission to the MBA program or eligibility to enroll in graduate courses outside of the certificate.

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