Making Appointments

Q: How do I make an appointment and where are they held?
A: You can make appointments online through Spartan Connect, by calling us at 408-924-2587, or by e-mailing us at peerconnections@sjsu.edu. Scheduling online is recommended. The majority of our appointments are being held online, though some in-person slots may be available for certain peer educators.

Q:  Do you offer drop-in tutoring (without an appointment)?
A: While we don't have traditional drop-in tutoring available right now, if you contact us we may be able to make you a same-day appointment, depending on availability. 

Q:  How many appointments can I make per day?  Per week?
A: Undergraduate students: Undergraduates may schedule a maximum of two appointments per day, as long as they are for different subjects. For example, you could have a CHEM 1A appointment in the morning and a Physics 2A appointment in the afternoon. We recommend giving yourself at least a 30 minute break between appointments to rest your brain and prepare for your second appointment.

Undergraduate students may schedule a maximum of one appointment per subject per week. This is so we can provide tutoring for as many students as possible. Also, the goal of tutoring is for you to become a more independent and confident student, so you need time to try out what you have learned in tutoring between sessions.

Graduate writing students: Graduate writing students may schedule a maximum of one appointment per week. Please visit the SJSU Writing Center for drop-in writing tutoring for graduate students.

Q:  How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?
A: If you wish, you may schedule recurring appointments for the same day and time with the same peer educator throughout the semester, depending on the peer educator's availability.

Q:  How do I cancel my appointment?
A: If it is more than 24 hours before the session is scheduled to begin, you can cancel an appointment online through Spartan Connect, or by e-mailing us at peerconnections@sjsu.edu.

Q:  What happens if I do not show up for my appointment or if I cancel less than 24 hours before the session is scheduled to begin?
A: It will be considered a "no show" appointment. If you "no show" three times, you will need to speak with a Peer Connections professional staff member before scheduling additional appointments.    

Many of the departments and programs at SJSU use the same Spartan Connect system. Please note that if you have "no shows" in multiple programs (e.g. you miss an advising appointment in AARS and "no show" at the Jack Holland Student Success Center), you might need to speak with one of our professional staff members before scheduling additional appointments in Peer Connections.

Q:  I am looking for private tutoring for my middle schooler or high schooler, or a friend who is not enrolled at SJSU, etc.  Can Peer Connections tutors provide private tutoring services?
A: We do not provide private tutoring. If you are looking for a private tutor for a K-12 student, we recommend you ask the student’s school staff for resources.

Tutoring Sessions

Q:  How long are tutoring sessions?
A: Students may work with a tutor for 30 minutes or 1 hour. In most cases, we recommend making a 1 hour appointment so you have sufficient time to try out new strategies with your tutor. 

Students are not permitted to meet with a tutor for more than an hour. This is so we can provide tutoring for as many students as possible. Also, the goal of tutoring is for you to become a more independent and confident student, so you need time to try out what you have learned in tutoring between sessions.

Q:  Are tutoring sessions individual or group sessions?
A: Most of our sessions are individual sessions. In special cases, if you are seeking a group appointment with classmates from the same section of the same course or different sections with the same professor, you can make a group appointment together. If you have an embedded tutor for your class, contact them and they may be able to accomodate a small group. Due to space limitations, the largest group session you may have is 4 students with 1 tutor. (Note that group appointments cannot be scheduled online.)

Q:  What should I bring with me to tutoring?      
A: Bring your syllabus, essay or homework assignments, special equipment (e.g. graphing calculator or software), textbooks or readings, or anything else you might need to work with your tutor. Once you get the GoBoard link from your tutor you can upload your documents on the resource page.

Q:  What is a typical tutoring session like?
A: At the beginning of the appointment, you and your tutor will set goals for the session. Your tutor will ask you questions, suggest study strategies, and clarify concepts to help you meet those goals. You will leave the session with a record of what you worked on with your tutor and a plan for studying or completing your assignments on your own. At the end, if you want to, you can make an appointment for your next tutoring session in Peer Connections!

Q:  Can I use my laptop in tutoring?
A: Yes. A laptop is a must for your online appointment! Tutors can look at essays, assignments, course Canvas pages, and readings with you on your laptop or tablet. You can also use your laptop or tablet to conduct research or web searches with your tutor. If you do not have a laptop or tablet, you and your tutor can use the desktop computers in the tutoring area (if they are available).

Q:  I am registered with the SJSU Accessible Education Center (AEC) and need accommodations for tutoring.  Can you provide those accommodations?
A: Yes, of course! The request for tutoring accommodations begins at the AEC. All accommodations, including support with tutoring, are determined by the AEC. Student accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. All accommodations are provided where disability-related educational limitation(s) indicate they are need. Please contact AEC to request support with tutoring services. Students approved by AEC for additional tutoring support should make us aware of your request for tutoring accommodations before the first appointment. AEC will also send us a letter with your tutoring accommodation and our staff will ensure your request is met.

Q:  Will Peer Connections staff tell my professor that I met with a tutor without me knowing?
A: To protect the privacy of your student records, Peer Connections staff do not discuss with faculty which students participate in our programs without the expressed consent of the student.

Q:  Will I work with the same tutor each time?
A: Based on our experience and best practices in the field of academic support, we strongly suggest that students work with the same tutor throughout the semester. This makes your tutoring time more efficient, because you won’t have to catch up a new tutor on the details of your course, your experience, and your unique learning preferences. 

Working with more than one tutor can be confusing for students because no two tutors are exactly alike; they might give different advice or explain the same ideas differently, leaving you uncertain about what to do.

Q:  What if my tutor isn’t available at a time I want to make an appointment?  Can I meet with another tutor?
A: If your schedule changes, let your tutor know and see if there is a new time you can meet together. If there is an instance your tutor is unavailable (because they are sick, for example), wait until they return to have your next appointment.

We understand that sometimes a tutor and a student are not a good match, so you can switch tutors; however, Peer Connections’ professional staff reserve the right to block students from making new appointments if they notice a student is scheduling appointments with a wide assortment of tutors.

Q:  What if I start out working with one tutor, then want to switch?
A: You are welcome to switch tutors over the course of the semester. It is polite to let your current tutor know that you will be switching. The Peer Connections staff understand that sometimes a tutor and a student are not a good match.

If you feel you need to switch tutors more than once in a semester, a member of the professional staff will ask you to meet briefly before scheduling an appointment with a new tutor to ensure the third time is a charm and you find a good match.