Spring 2024 Workshops

Our workshops for the Spring 2024 semester are listed below. You can register in advance for these workshops on Spartan Connect.

Goal Setting: Where Are You Headed?
Wednesday 1/31 12-1pm, Student Union Meeting Room 2B

Develop your 2024 goals, the S.M.A.R.T. way! Set yourself up for success by creating clear & intentional goals for yourself this semester!

Get Involved: Building Community at SJSU
Wednesday 2/7 11am-12pm, Student Union Meeting Room 3B

Getting involved on campus is the first step to building community in college! Join us to learn about the various ways you can get involved on campus and cultivate a community of care & support with peers, staff, and faculty at SJSU.

Time Management: Managing Time in College
Wednesday 2/14 3-4pm, Student Services Center 603

Time Management is an essential skill to develop as a college student. Learn about various time management strategies to support your success in life & college!

Self Care in College: Why it Matters
Monday 2/19 11am-12pm, Student Union Meeting Room 3A

Self-care is essential to your success as a college student. Join us in this workshop to talk about and create a self-care routine for yourself!

How to Develop Healthy Habits as a College Student
Thursday 2/29 12:30-1:30pm, Student Union Meeting Room 3B

Healthy habits help you succeed in college! Join us in an interactive workshop to learn about the power of habits and how to begin developing your own! 

Far From Home: Managing Homesickness In College
Wednesday 3/6 12-1pm, online via Zoom

Far from home? You’re not alone. Feeling homesick in college happens. Join us to learn about various ways you can create systems of support on campus to overcome homesickness in college.

Communication is Key: How to Connect with your Professors in College
Thursday 3/14 12-1pm, Student Services Center 604

Unsure how to effectively engage with your professors? Join us to learn about the importance of communicating and the ways you can begin establishing connections with your college professors.

Growth Mindset: Cultivating a Growth Mindset as College Student
Wednesday 3/20 6:30-7:30pm, Student Union Meeting Room 3B

What is a "Growth Mindset"? A person with a growth mindset is open and looking for the opportunities to learn and improve in any situation. Join us to learn about the difference between a "fixed" and "growth" mindset, and the ways you can begin cultivating a growth mindset in college and how that is beneficial for your success. 

Study Smarter, Not Harder!: Use Your Time Wisely
Wednesday April 10th 10:30-11:30am, Student Services Center 603 

Successfully prepare for your exams by studying smarter, not harder! Join us for a workshop on effective study techniques that will help you make the most of your study time!

Burnout is Real: How to Recognize & Prevent Burnout in College
Wednesday 4/17 12-1PM, Student Services Center 604

It's that time of the semester! Join us to learn about burnout, how to recognize it, and essential actions to prevent it from impacting you!

The Power is You: How to Stay Motivated & Disciplined
Wednesday 4/24 3-4pm, Student Union Meeting Room 1B

Motivation will get you going, but discipline will keep you going! Join us for a workshop on how to reconnect with your goals, motivate yourself, and develop the discipline to finish the semester strong!

Exam Stress Management: Preparing for Final Exams
Thursday 5/2 12-1PM, Student Union Meeting Room 2B

Prepare for Finals Season! Be proactive and begin preparing for your final exams now! Join us to learn effective strategies that will help you make the most of your study time, as well as the academic support resources available to help you succeed during finals!  

Request a Workshop

Peer Mentors can present workshops for your student organization, fraternity/sorority, or SJSU class over Zoom. Check the 'menu' here to see the workshops we have available, then fill out the form to request a workshop.

Please Note:

  • All requests are tentative until confirmed by a member of Peer Connections staff.
  • Please request as far in advance of your workshop as possible - 2 weeks is preferred.
  • Workshop availability is dependent on the availability of our Peer Mentors.

These are the most commonly requested workshops that our mentors present: 

Cultivating Growth Mindset

Responding to challenges with either a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset can transform your entire experience.  It's the difference between seeing a situation as a "failure" or one as a learning opportunity. Learn about how to cultivate a Growth Mindset and how to apply it to your daily life.   

Treat Yo’Self: Self-Care

Time invested into yourself is never time wasted. In this workshop, you will learn the power of self-care and mindfulness, and various self-care techniques that are perfect for busy college students. It is time to put yourself first!

Study Smarter Not Harder: Study Strategies

Has anyone ever stared at a book for 3 hours and made no progress on their studies? Ever feel like Spongebob when he tried to write his essay on Traffic Lights? This workshop aims to tackle the intricacies of studying techniques and strategies so that there is more time for other activities!

Surviving on a Student Budget: Smart Spartan Spending

College is an exciting milestone but comes with a hefty price tag. This workshop will help you become confident and conscientious about your financial decisions. You will learn about money saving tools and strategies to help take charge of your finances, whether it's going up, down, or sideways.  

Managing Time & College: Time Management

As college students, we are expected to juggle classes, dedicate time to studying, go to work, and also have fun in our everyday lives. This workshop guides students to perfect the art of balancing time, and how to overcome the pressure of being a college student. We all have the same amount of time each day; the way we manage the time given to us determines our success.

Resolving Your Beef: Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of college and also life. Discover the importance of empathy, active listening, body language, and so much more! Understand the importance of effectively resolving conflict, even if it means agreeing to disagree!

Finding Your Niche @ SJSU

Are you interested in getting involved on campus but you don't know where to start? SJSU offers students with a wide variety of opportunities for involvement. This workshop will provide you with insight on organizations across campus, how to get involved, and where to start looking for new opportunities.


Informs students about goal-setting in college and helps them make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals for their college experience.

Discovering Your Strengths

Recognizing and capitalizing on your strengths enhances self-confidence and creates the greatest potential for success. We have a variety of Strengths workshops available for request. Please request a Strengths workshops and we’ll work with you to individualize the workshop to meet your needs.


Gives students tips and techniques to take effective notes during class or during reading assignments in order for them to retain as much knowledge as possible.

Test-Taking Tips

Informs students about what test taking in college looks like and offers tips and techniques to be successful at different forms of tests, such as objective or timed writing exams.  

Peer Mentor Secrets to College Success

Educates students on tips that cover a wide range of topics in order to help them progress through their college career. The workshop will cover how to explore academic interests, initiate faculty interaction, how to get involved, and finding campus resources.

Online Learning

Discusses strategies to overcome academic and personal challenges related to online learning. This will also enable students to strategize for both short-term and long-term success in an online or hybrid class.  

Working in Groups

Discusses the benefits of working in groups, how to successfully work in groups, and to address potential setbacks and obstacles that groups may present along with some strategies to overcome them.  

Study Groups and Review Sessions

Explores different methods for how efficiency in studying for a class can be maximized within study groups and review sessions.

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