List of Courses Tutored

Our list of tutored courses for Summer 2022 is below; you can also view the Summer 2022 full, detailed schedule including tutor availabilities. (Note that our summer tutoring availability is limited - we will have many more courses available for tutoring in Fall 2022.)

Looking for a course that isn't on this list? Contact us with your needs and we will do our best to assist you in finding a tutor!

African-American Studies: 2A

Biology: 10

Business: 1-20, 2-130, 5-187

Communication: 20/N, 100W

Computer Science: 47, 146, 149, 157A

Economics: 1A/B

English: 1A/B, 1AF/S, 2, 100W, 100WB

Health Science: 67, 100W

History: 15

Justice Studies: 100W

Kinesiology: 165, 167

Linguistics: 21

LLD: 100WB

Math: 1, 10/D/P, 18A/B, 19/W, 30/X/W/P, 32/X/W, 39, 42, 71/X/W

Philosophy: 9/W

Physics: 2A, 2B, 50, 51

Political Science: 15

Psychology: 1, 100W, 102, 139

Public Health: 167

Sociology: 15

Statistics: 95, 115

University Studies: 15F/S

Writing: All courses, for undergraduate and graduate students