Resources for Virtual Classes

Start of Semester Checklist [pdf]

10 Questions to Ask [pdf]

Zoom Meeting Strategies [pdf]

Strategies for Remote Learning [pdf]

Productive Study Spaces [pdf]

Time Management Tools on Canvas [pdf]

Customizing Canvas [pdf]

Communicating Through Canvas [pdf]

Questions to Ask for Virtual Exams [pdf]

Emailing Your Professor [pdf]

Managing Your Email [pdf]

Remote Study Strategies [pdf]

Collaborative Learning Strategies [pdf]


Study Space 

Our study space (located in SSC 600) is a quiet and comfortable place with seating and a small lounge area. To use our study space, please bring your Tower Card and swipe in at the kiosk when you arrive and again when you leave.

Note that the study area shares space with our main tutoring and mentoring area. While studying, please be quiet and respectful of the tutoring and mentoring sessions in progress.