Updating Name and Pronouns

Name Changing on Campus

Primary (Legal) Name vs Preferred/Chosen/Common Name

A campus "Preferred" name is the name a student wishes to be commonly known as, if different from their legal first name. The "Preferred" name will be used on class rosters.

Your Primary or Legal name will continue to be the your legal name and will be used on official university documentation:

  • Official and Unofficial Transcripts
  • TowerCard (Front: Preferred Name, Back: Legal Name in smaller font)
  • Any documentation involving financial aid or student accounts

For additional information please see SJSU's Preferred Name Policy.

Using a Preferred/Chosen/Common Name at SJSU

Please see the following guides to update your name or pronouns on following SJSU systems:

Changing Primary (Legal) Name through SJSU

Changing Your Legal Name