Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers: Unlocking Life's Potential by Inspiring Literacy at Any Age is the heartwarming story of Rob Shindler, a father who wanted to help his son with his reading challenges. Shindler discovered the way to that goal was through volunteering at the Literacy Center of Chicago. There, he learned firsthand how ridiculous the common misconceptions are about learning disabilities and adult low literacy. The assortment of students he taught were ambitious people who were eloquent, driven, clever, and so funny they made him laugh out loud. Here, Rob shares his students' pain and humiliations, frustrations and hopes. Hot Dogs & Hamburgers demonstrates that literacy issues reside in all neighborhoods and that its victims are committed to finding dignity and life's possibilities through learning to read.

Rob's teaching experiences are so motivating and rewarding that once you've read his story, you're likely to begin your own journey as a literacy tutor. His hope is that Hot Dogs & Hamburgers will bring an awareness of adult low literacy and slow that juding process down.  -- UCC Resources

Meet the Author

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Rob Shindler, Author

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Rob Shindler and his wife, Andi, have twins, Isabella and Oliver, as well as a younger son, future NFL star Sage. Rob is the founder of Abogados America, a small law firm in Chicago specializing in representing the Hispanic community, which faces an array of legal injustices.

“My Spanish-speaking clients are a lot like adults fighting illiteracy,” Rob says. “Society tends to judge both before all the evidence is in.”

Rob’s hope is that “Hot Dogs & Hamburgers” will elevate the profile of adult illiteracy and raise awareness of the issue to help slow that judging process down.