The Displaced
The Displaced

2024-2025 Campus Reading Program Book Selection

The Displaced is a collection of nonfiction essays written by refugees about their own and others’ refugee experiences. The authors are visual artists, screenwriters, activists, and other individuals with unique perspectives. They come from many different places and they all tell stories of how their refugee lives taught them about family, identity, immigration, belonging, and the meaning of home.


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What Students Say

From SJSU Student Joana Sierra, Sophomore and Orientation Leader

"In my freshman year English Stretch Class, a remarkable book called "All We Can Save" was introduced to me. I was able to have a life changing experience reading this book that left me with a comprehensive awareness of the climate catastrophe and my responsibility to fix it. This book provided personal accounts that raised the voices of women establishing environmental justice and climate action. A strong sense of hope, urgency, and group action is evoked by the depth and diversity of perspectives that are weaved across its pages. I was able to educate myself and discover more about the general crisis that marginalized people face. Which is why I urge our incoming freshmen to read this book because All We Can Save, in my opinion, has the power to inspire a generation and give them a renewed sense of purpose in the struggle for a better world. "