Network and Computing Services

The College of Science Network & Computing Services (NCS) provides a wide range of support to the College of Science including, but not limited to the following.  If you need assistance, please submit a helpdesk ticket or call us at 408-924-4797.

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Poster Printing

NCS has a large format printer capable of printing poster-sized documents up to 36" wide. This resource is available to faculty, staff and students of the College of Science for conference or seminar presentations or other College related events.  We do not accept poster requests for other colleges and universities.

Files should be submitted in pdf format via email to and a helpdesk ticket should be created.  Because this service can be extremely popular at times and because our printer can sometimes be temperamental, please allow 2 -3 business days for processing. For classes or conferences with requests of 10 or more posters, please allow us at least 5 business days to complete your order.

For the best results, please refrain from using dark colored, solid backgrounds - the ink saturates the paper and results in the poster having a puckered texture.  Our printer only cuts across the paper in one axis, so if one of the dimensions is not 36", you will need to trim the extra paper yourself.

Although this service is offered to personnel within the College of Science free of charge, the Dean's Office asks that users printing posters for events funded by a grant or other outside funds reimburse the College for these costs as follows.  These prices are just enough to cover our costs.

36"x60" $60 
36"x48" $50 
36"x36" $40 
36"x24" $30

Unfortunately, due to an increase in requests, we also need to charge for reprints due to user error.  We also reserve the right to charge for last minute print jobs.

Desktop Support

We provide a plethora of computing services that include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Hardware

Recommendation, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of computers, tablets, components and accessories including printers, scanners, external drives as well as other computing hardware.

  • Software

Recommendation, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of supported applications including:

  • Operating Systems

  • Windows Based Operating Systems
  • Mac Based Operating Systems
  • *NIX Based Operating Systems
  • Other operating systems
  • Applications

  • MS Office Suite
  • Sophos Anti-Virus
  • PeopleSoft Campus
  • College and University licensed applications
  • Other applications
  • Computer Labs

  • Requirements Assessment

Purchase recommendations for computers and computer related products

  • University Supported Classrooms (IMS)

IMS Supported Classrooms

  • Security

SJSU has a campus license for Sophos AntiVirus for use at work and home. You can find out more on the SJSU Information Security Office page.


  • Data backup
  • Software Licenses
  • Remote Access
  • Authentication
  • High end computing including HPC and clusters
  • File and print services

Network Services 

  • Connectivity & Port activation
  • DNS and DHCP services
  • Campus VoIP phone connectivity

Campus and CSU Computing Policies

The College of Science, the CSU and SJSU have computer and network usage policies and standards that all users of the campus network must adhere to. These include the following:

Contact Information

Server Support Team

  • Yue Wang
  • Rich Marco
  • Kevin Ross

Desktop Support Team

  • Ginny Smith
  • Justin Croly
  • Rob Pascual