Tech, CPR, U.S. Constitution Requirements

In addition to completing all program requirements, teaching candidates must also complete technology, CPR, and U.S. Constitution requirements. Learn more about each requirement below.

Technology Requirement

To meet the Technology Requirement you must complete the Google Educator, Level 1. Requirement to be completed by the end of the first full month of your first semester in the program.

  • You may take this course as soon as you are admitted to SJSU and have an email address.
  • To complete the "Google Educator, Level 1" you must register for it using your official email.
  • Complete the one grade level band that is appropriate to a grade level in which you wish to be certified.
  • You will receive a completion certificate. Print and or save your certificate as a pdf and keep for your records. You will need to submit this certificate with your Preliminary Credential application after completing the program (you do not need to provide any documentation to the department).

CPR Certification

If you are considering enrolling in a CPR course it must meet the American Heart Association guidelines. Due to COVID-19, online CPR courses are currently acceptable. View recommended courses on our SJSU Credential Services website.

United States Constitution Requirement

California law requires that all teachers pass a course in the U.S. Constitution before being issued a credential. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking an approved college level course or by passing an approved exam.

Meeting the Requirement via a Course

  • CSU BA or BS degree: If you have received a bachelor's degree from a CSU campus, then you have satisfied the U.S. Constitution requirement.
  • CCTC Approved Course: If you have taken a CCTC approved course listed on our SJSU Credential Services website, submit your transcript (copy or print-out is sufficient) with the course highlighted and a note indicating the course you took which meets the U.S. Constitution requirement.
  • Course that is not approved by CCTC: If you took a course, which you believe meets the U.S. Constitution requirement, at an institution that is not listed on our SJSU Credential Services website, complete and follow the instructions on our U.S. Constitution Requirement Verification form. If the course is approved by the Credentials Office, submit a copy of the U.S. Constitution Requirement Verification form with the Credentials Office stamp/signature to Teacher Education in SH 305. Keep the original in your records at home as you will need it when you apply for your credential after completing our program.

Meeting the Requirement via a Test