PDF printout:  3-Semester Program Course Schedule.


Credential Courses

CHAD 272: Early Childhood Development (3 units)
EDEL 108A*: Curriculum: Reading / Language Arts (3 units)
EDEL 108D: Curriculum: Mathematics (3 units)
EDSE 104: Early Identification and Early Intervention (3 units)
EDSE 221: Curriculum and Instruction for EI/ECSE (3 units)
EDSE 269: Establishing Welcoming Learning Environments for Young Children (3 units)
EDTE 208*: Sociology of Education (3 units)
EDTE 262*: Classroom Issues in the Language/Literacy Development of L2 Learners (3 units)

Student Teaching Courses

CHAD 261: Early Childhood Education Curriculum (3 units) (30 hours in preschool classroom)
EDEL 143A*: Beginning Student-Teaching (4 units) (200 hours in PK/TK or K-3 classroom)
EDEL 143B*: Advanced Student-Teaching (10 units) (400 hours in PK/TK or K-3 classroom)
EDTE 297C: CalTPA Support (1 unit/semester, required enrollment with EDEL 143A & 143B)

Total Units: 43 Units

ADD a Bilingual Authorization in Spanish (+2 units)

EDTE 297B - Advanced Issues in Bilingual Education (2 units)
1 unit(s) taken during each of the two student teaching semesters

*Courses with Spanish language instruction and/or assignments required for Bilingual Authorization 

Add a Master in Teaching (MAT) with 2 additional courses (+6 units)

Choose one of two sub-tracks:

Early Childhood sub-track:
1. CHAD 260A - Seminar in Child and Adolescent Development: Research (3 units) and 
2. CHAD 298 - Special Studies in Child and Adolescent Development (3 units)

Primary Grade sub-track:
1. EDTE 250: Qualitative Research in Education (3 units) and 
2. EDTE 298: Special Studies in Education (3 units)

Total Units with MAT: 48 Units