Forms & Policies


Disability Verification Forms
ADHD/ADD Verification Form [pdf]  (DocuSign)
Emotional Support Animal Verification Form [pdf] (DocuSign)
Learning Disability Documentation Guidelines [pdf]
Medical Disability Verification Form [pdf] (DocuSign)
Mental Health Disability Verification Form [pdf]  (DocuSign)
Ophthalmological Certification Form [pdf]
Pregnancy Documentation Guidelines [pdf]
Supplemental Housing Verification Form [pdf]

Consent to Release
Consent To Release Information Form [pdf] (DocuSign)

Other Academic Accommodation Forms
Extended Assignment Accommodation Form (DocuSign)
Notice of Absence Accommodation Form (DocuSign)


The policies serve as the guidelines under which the Accessible Education Center (AEC) delivers services to students with disabilities on the campus of San José State University (SJSU). 

The California State University System (CSU), SJSU, and the AEC reserve the right to change policies without prior notice. As changes and updates occur, the AEC will make every effort to maintain site up to date and provide alternative formats in a timely manner.