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Undergraduate student advising is provided through academic Success Centers. Each academic college has its own Success Center designed to connect students to major and GE advising. Students with declared majors should go through their college's Success Center for all academic advising needs. 

If you are not sure which academic college your major falls under, you can find that out here or on your major's website. You can think of academic colleges as umbrellas that cover a variety of majors, while departments are the faculty and staff for each specific major/program. For example, the College of Social Sciences is an umbrella that covers many major departments such as Psychology, History, and Political Science.

The Undergraduate Advising & Success Center (UASC) has been established to provide advising and support for undeclared students. You can contact them in the following ways. (Please note, I recommend emailing UASC first to connect with them and ask how to best meet with them.)  


General Education Requirements: Information about General Education courses offered, including core GE, SJSU studies (Areas R, S, V, & Z), American Institutions (Area F), GE policies, major exceptions and GE requirements.

My RoadMap: shows a 4 year plan to your degree with the required courses in your major based on pre-requisites.

MyGPS: Graduation Pathway to Success: A suite of technology tools are available to help you plan.

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