Assistive Technology Tutorials

The CAT Tutorials page provides resources and tutorials for SJSU students using Assistive Technology and Accessible Software. Students will also find SJSU, MLK Library and outside resources.


CAT Created Tutorials

In the Tutorials section below AEC students will find a Google Drive link with CAT created tutorials by the Accessible Technology Trainer or the Alternative Format Specialist. Open the link with Google Chrome and sign in with an SJSU email address.

AEC Software

This section has tutorials and support information for Read & Write, Natural Reader and Glean software. 

Accessible Settings

Speech Recognition
Speech to text software or setting that will type what a person says aloud.

Screen Reader Software
Description from "A screen reader is a technology that helps people who have difficulties seeing to access and interact with digital content, like websites or applications via audio or touch."

Assistive Technology Settings
Assistive technology is a term for assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities.

General AEC

Testing Accommodations