Accessible Education Center – Internal Grievance Process

If a student believes there has been a violation of the regulations governing the University as they apply to providing accommodations for courses/programs affiliated with San José State have the right to file a grievance. The grievance procedure pertains to situations where a student has made a request for an accommodation on the basis of a disability, either to an individual faculty member, a department (academic or administrative) or the AEC, and has been denied. During the complaint process the student should continue to fulfill academic requirements until a final determination has been provided.

The AEC would appreciate the opportunity to resolve complaints on an informal basis following the Student Grievance Procedures in accordance with Presidential Directive 97-03, Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. However, students have the right to follow any of the Complaint Resolution processes below at any time.

Step 1:
The student will schedule a meeting with an AEC to discuss the denial of an accommodation. Counselor will contact faculty member to discuss denial & moves to resolve, 3 business days from time of disclosure. 

Step 2:
In the event denial is not resolved the AEC Director will be notified. Director will contact Department Chair for support in resolving the complaint; 5 business days. 

Step 3:
Complains not resolved are referred to the Accommodations Review Board (ARB). During the time the accommodation is under review the accommodation prescribed by the AEC remains in effect. ARB finding is final.

If student disagrees with the finding, the student is given information regarding the SJSU Office for Equal Opportunity & student is informed of their right to file a civil rights complaint beyond SJSU by filing with Office of Civil Rights. 

The grievance procedures do not apply to allegations based on events which occurred more than 180 calendar days prior to the date the complaint was filed.

Chart view of process: AEC Student Grievance Procedures Chart [pdf]