Registration Process

Step 1: STUDENT completes the application. Before starting the application have a PDF of disability-related documentation ready to upload into the application.

Step 2: AEC review of application & documentation. Next steps will be emailed to the email address provided on the application.

Step 3: STUDENT schedules an Intake Appointment

Step 4: STUDENT must attend the scheduled Intake in order to complete the AEC registration process. 

During the intake appointment, the student and counselor fully engage in the interactive process. This provides the student and AEC counselor an opportunity to discuss eligibility and reasonable and appropriate accommodation(s), if qualified. 

Students are strongly encouraged to prepare for their Intake by reviewing the Pre-Intake [pdf]document in its entirety as the information presented will not be discussed in detail or repeated during the Intake. During the Intake, the AEC counselor will address specific questions and/or concerns related to the information shared in this document.

Alternative support step-by-step for AEC’s applications: Infographic [pdf]or YouTube Video