Remote Participation Requests

SJSU offers courses in various modes of instruction: in-person, hybrid, and online. In-person/hybrid courses have essential in-person components. Remote participation may be approved for one semester as a reasonable accommodation if a student’s disability renders them temporarily unable to participate in person.

Students are first encouraged to enroll in all online courses if possible. Major advisors are a great resource in exploring alternative course options, such as CSU Fully Online. If you are required to enroll in an in-person course and want to request to participate remotely, you must submit an updated documentation from your licensed treating professional. 

Please share our Remote Participation Guidelines [pdf] with your licensed treating professional to ensure that their letter meets all requirements.

Requests should be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the first day of the academic term for which you are requesting. AEC will review requests received after this deadline, please note review often takes several weeks and course delivery options may be limited.

Remote participation:

  • This accommodation is not intended for multiple semesters in a row, nor to convert an in-person academic program into an all-virtual experience. Students eligible for remote participation as an accommodation are approved for one semester; consideration to extend this accommodation is determined on a semesterly basis and requires updated documentation.
  • Once AEC determines that you are eligible for remote participation, full approval is contingent upon assessing feasibility in each of your courses in collaboration with faculty. If the course design or learning objectives make remote participation not feasible, then the accommodation will not be approved for that course.
  • If remote participation is approved, there may still be aspects of a course’s design that are not ideal for remote participants. Remote participation within an in-person course is not the equivalent experience of a course designed to be delivered online. You will be encouraged to utilize instructors’ office hours and to work with your instructors to identify campus and outside resources to support your success in the course.