art foundry in the rain

San José State University, Department of Art & Art History’s main facility is located in the Art Building, which lies between the Student Union and Health Center. The closest parking structure is the Tenth Street Parking garage located at the intersection of Tenth Street and San Fernando.

In addition to the main Art Building, which houses facilities for Digital Media, Pictorial Art, and Jewelry/Small Metals, several facilities of the Department of Art & Art History are housed in other on campus locations. Ceramics and Glass classes are held in the Industrial Studies building located along San Fernando and Eighth Street. The Photography department is located on the fourth floor of Duncan Hall on Seventh Street and San Salvador Street, and now has a facility in the Industrial Studies building as well. The Visual Resources Library is located in room 139 of the Art Building. The Foundry (metal working and digital fabrication) is located off campus at 1036 South Fifth Street. 

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With six student galleries in the Department of Art & Art History, the professionally-curated exhibitions in the Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery and a weekly lecture series, the exhibition program at SJSU is one of the most extensive among art and design programs in the United States. 

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