Business Writing Program

Whether it's graduate school or the job of your dreams, LLD 100WB will help you develop practical writing and oral communication skills.

About Our Instructors

The LLD 100WB instructors combine advanced business degrees and significant work experience with expertise in teaching clear, fact-based writing.

Sample Class Assignments

Sample class assignments include the following...

  • Individual and collaborative writing of business letters, memos, proposals and reports
  • Resumes, cover letters, and requests for recommendations
  • A major research project on real-world business issues
  • Individual and group presentations with focused peer feedback
  • Meeting agendas and meeting minutes

What Students Say

What current LLD 100WB students have said...

  • "I'm learning new material and already applying it to my job!"
  • "The class is very friendly and organized, so it is easy to understand and learn."
  • "I'm enjoying learning the other students' perspectives."

Develop New Skills

You will develop and perfect a variety of skills...

  • Writing for a particular business audience
  • Using an appropriate writing style and approach for various situations and purposes
  • Effectively communicating orally whether in a meeting or giving a presentation
  • Adapting research tools and processes to business issues utilizing appropriate MLA or APA formats
  • Facilitating intercultural communication by selecting appropriate language and content