Goals and Objectives of the M.A. in TESOL Program

NOTE: SJSU's M.A. in TESOL is suspended as of Fall 2023.

Goal 1

Knowledge of Language and Skills Required to Understand and Explain Language Systems.

Program Learning Objectives


Goal 2

Knowledge of Language Learning - Knowledge of Current Theories Concerning Cognitive, Affective, Social, and Cultural Factors Central to the Acquisition and Use of Second Languages

Program Learning Objectives


Goal 3

Knowledge and Skills of Language Instruction - Knowledge of Curriculum Frameworks, Teaching Methods, and Proficiency Assessment Instruments for Teaching English as a Non-native Language

Program Learning Objectives


Goal 4

Ability to Understand and Analyze the Processes of Linguistic and Cultural Globalization and their Impact on English Language Learning, Teaching, and Communication.

Program Learning Objectives

Goal 5

Synthesize the Learning Represented in Goals 1-4 in order to Effectively Teach English Learners in a Variety of Contexts and be an Active Teacher Scholar.

Program Learning Objectives