The Dawoodi Language Project

River NagerThis view of the River Nagar shows the rugged beauty of the valleys in which the Dawoodi live.

Welcome to the Dawoodi Language Project website, dedicated to the Dawoodi people of Pakistan and their language.

The Dawoodi language is spoken in two villages in the northern Pakistan province of Gilgit-Baltistan. One village lies in the Hunza Valley, the other in Nagar Valley. The language was previously called Domaaki or Dumaki by outsiders, but the community itself prefers the term Dawoodi. Children no longer learn the language, and so it is considered highly endangered. This website provides an overview of the people, their language and this project.  

We thank the Dawoodi people for their warm welcome, generous assistance and continued support of this project.

This project was supported by the National Science Foundation Documenting Endangered Languages Grant BCS-1226804.