LLD 100A

What is LLD 100A?

LLD/ENGL 100A is one course taught in two different departments. It is designed with the goal of preparing you to succeed in 100W, other upper division classes, and your profession. You will have intensive practice in prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing academic writing. You will be asked to research, analyze, and reflect on various kinds of writing, including a rhetorical analysis, a report about writing in your chosen discipline, and critical reflective journals.

LLD/ENGL 100A serves as alternative satisfaction of the WST requirement if passed with a C or better.

Why should you take a 100A course?

You should take LLD/ENG 100A if you feel you are not yet ready for upper-division writing (like a 100W course). Upper-division writing courses demand that you be a solid college-level writer. See the "What is 100w?" page for more about 100W.

Sample Syllabi for 100A

Note About the WST during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The WST is currently not being administered because of COVID-19 circumstances. Please visit the Temporary WST Policy for Duration of COVID-19 page for alternate arrangements.