Application Submission

Prior to Submitting an Application

Prospective students wishing to apply should first read the information for prospective students on the Graduate Admissions Web site at Deadlines and other important information are available on this Web site. Prospective students are also strongly urged to attend one of the weekly advising sessions for prospective students (see MSSE Advising).


See for admission deadlines. Note that admission deadlines can change without notice. Please apply online at Cal State Apply ( as soon as possible to avoid missing an admission deadline.

Submitting an Application

Applications are submitted using the graduate admissions selection at Cal State Apply ( The following are some hints for filling in the application pages:

  • Applicants should select Software Engineering (MS) as the Degree Program. You do not need to specify the specialization you wish to pursue.
  • Enter your Work Experience, list of references, and similar information at My Application -> Experiences.
  • Enter your Statement of Purpose at My Application -> Program Materials -> Software Engineering -> Questions
Note: The MS Software Engineering program does not require resumes, CVs, or Letters of Recommendation (LORs). Please do not send these or any other application document directly to the MS Software Engineering program. 

You must submit all application information including your Statement of Purpose (SOP) via Cal State Apply ( 

Note: If you have questions about submitting documents (such as transcripts, degree certificates, and test scores) or about WES, please direct your questions to Graduate Admissions. Please do not contact the MS Software Engineering advisor.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation from Academic and professional references are not required. Please do not send Letters of Reference unless specifically requested by the MSSE graduate advisor.

Students that want to transfer from another university need to apply like any other applicant. There is no transfer application. If you are admitted, some of the credit from your current university might be transferrable to SJSU as described here.

Switching from Special Session to Regular Session        

Switching to the Regular Session (on-campus) MS Software Engineering program from a Special Session (off-campus) program requires that you submit a Change of Major request to Graduate Admissions. Evaluating the Change of Major request will follow a process similar to admission evaluation. Admission standards for the Regular Session program may be different than the Special Session program and approval of your Change of Major request is not guaranteed. For example, you may be required to provide GRE scores for the on-campus Regular Session program.  In addition, if you are admitted, you may be given admission conditions that need to be met.

Deferred Admission, Reapplying for Admission 

With the exception of circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic (see, the MS Software Engineering program does not provide deferred admission if you are unable to attend during the admission semester that is offered to you. If you were admitted and could not join SJSU or if you were denied admission for a prior semester due to limited space, you can re-apply. In both cases, you must submit a new application on Cal State Apply ( and pay the application fee again. There is no guarantee that you will be admitted.

If you reapply within one year, you do not have to resubmit admission documents to Graduate Admissions except for visa and financial documents. Contact Graduate Admissions to determine which documents you need to resubmit.