Admission Prerequisite Classes

If you were admitted conditionally classified, you may have been assigned prerequisite classes to complete as part of your admission. These classes must be completed before you start your fourth graduate class.

Preqrequisite classes must be completed by taking the admission prerequisite classes assigned to you, typically CMPE 180A, 180B, and 180C. The Computer Engineering Department no longer provides subject tests to waive admission prerequisite classes. You cannot use a graduate level class to meet an admission prerequisite requirement.

Classes similar to prerequisite classes taken prior to being admitted to the MS Software Engineering program cannot be used to waive a prerequisite class. 

Professional Certifications (such as Java Certified Programmer) are not accepted to waive an admission prerequisite class.

It is recommended that you take prerequisite classes at SJSU by taking the assigned CMPE 180x classes. It is possible to take lower-division undergraduate prerequisite classes (those numbered under 100) at a community college for CMPE 180A by taking the class(es) that are equivalent as outlined in the SJSU articulation agreements with community colleges. You should consult with the MS Software Engineering academic advisor before taking any community college classes.

You must achieve a Credit (CR) grade in a CMPE 180x class or a 'B' grade or better in any other class to meet the prerequisite condition.