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Garrick Percival
Garrick Percival
Interim Department Chair 

Department Mission Statement

Faculty, students and staff of the Department of Political Science engage in teaching and learning - critically and systematically - about politics, public affairs, public institutions, and their problems. Our mission thus embraces elements of the liberal arts, citizenship, and social science education.

A major strength of SJSU's student body is its diversity. Our students vary in their economic status, ethnic background, age, experience, and educational objectives. The department's courses and programs respond to this diversity, offering our students knowledge and skills essential to citizenship as well as pre-professional education in preparation for a variety of careers or for graduate school.

As a part of a public institution of higher education, we recognize our obligation to the community as advisers, consultants, and participants. We encourage students to become involved in public service as volunteers and interns.

Scholarship informs both our teaching and public service and is an essential element of our mission. Through our research we endeavor to advance knowledge in the discipline of political science and to disseminate that knowledge to our colleagues, students, and community.