IPACE Scholarship

$2,000 awarded annually

The Institute of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (IPACE) was established in 2012 by SJSU Political Science Emeritus Professor Terry Christensen. With generous financial contributions from SJSU alumni, community leaders, and civic organizations, the IPACE Scholarship supports political science student interns working in local and state government offices, community outreach positions, and nonprofit organizations.  Students with a strong commitment to civic engagement and public service and who are currently enrolled in the POLS 181 Internships course are encouraged to apply.

Past Recipients

Jocelyn Hopps, 2023
Sukhman Singh, 2022
Maureen Dela Cueva, 2022
Jason Elijah Hayek, 2021
Alexia Lopez, 2021
Sukhman Singh, 2020
Taylor Bartucca, 2019
Eric Hernandez Barraza, 2018
Sarah Boudreau, 2017
Diana Garcia, 2016
Scott Livker, 2015