Sacramento Semester Internship Program

SJSU students are eligible to spend the spring semester in the state capitol interning with a member of the California State Legislature, an executive branch agency, or a lobbying firm through CSU’s Sacramento Semester Program. Students earn academic credit for their work. The Tom Truax Scholarship, honoring a well known lobbyist and SJSU alumnus, is available exclusively to help assist SJSU students taking part in the Sacramento Semester Program.

Students interested in the Sacramento Semester Program and financial support from the Tom Truax Sacramento Semester Scholarship should complete the application online and submit a hard copy to the Political Science Department. The application materials can be found on the Sacramento Semester Program website.

Applicants for Semester Sacramento Semester Program need to submit the following:

  • A completed Sacramento Semester Application Form
  • An unofficial transcript
  • An essay describing one’s interest in the Sacramento Semester Program
  • A graded essay from an SJSU class (minimum 3 pages)
  • A list of three SJSU faculty references

Interviews to select finalists will be held shortly after the application deadline. Questions about the Sacramento Semester can be directed to Professor Mary Currin-Percival or to Jaime Jackson, Director of CSU’s Sacramento Semester Program.

Past Recipients

Heather Cabral, 2024
Jocelyn Hopps, 2023
Brenda Vargas Tapia, 2022
Gianna Gerges, 2022
Joseph Farfan, 2021
Jeffrey Fairfield, 2021
Britney Ortiz, 2021
Enrique Govea, 2020
Taylor Bartucca, 2019
Many Ngu, 2018
Jailenne Macias, 2018
Alexandria Sell, 2018
Jessica Tanner, 2017
Marco Juarez, 2017
Andrea Rivera, 2015
Michael Casas, 2014
Heather Daniel, 2014
Stephanie Perez-Morales, 2014
Amanda Marshall, 2013
Matthew Lim, 2013
Christina Branche, 2013
Vincent Tice, 2012
John de Los Angeles, 2012
Melissa Peterson, 2010
Nathan Block, 2009
Laura Parra, 2009
Jesus Gomez, 2008
Anthony Harrison, 2008
Steven Neese, 2008
Raul De La Rosa, 2007
James Tran, 2006
Danny Martinez, 2006
Meghan Bishop, 2005
Lynsey Galh, 2005
Alanna O'Hea, 2005
Siobhan O'Brien, 2004
John Sobel, 2003
Shawn R. Vasquez, 2003
Brian Hautau, 2002
Travis Linquist, 2002
Greg Lomori, 2001
Monica O'Toole, 2001
Alexander Kobayashi, 2000
Todd Brown, 2000
Suzanne Sullivan, 1999
Julius Cruz, 1999
David Heckler, 1998
Peggy Mitchinson, 1998
Ethan Winston, 1979