Peter Szego Scholarship

$2,000 awarded fall semesters

The Peter Szego Scholarship was created by friends and admirers of this longtime political and civic activist for progressive causes. The scholarship offers financial support for political science internship students (applicants must be enrolled in POLS 181) who have a consistent record of academic success and show a strong commitment to civic engagement, local politics and government, and/or public policy.

Past Recipients             

Chima Nwokolo, 2023
Sabrina Nabizada, 2022
Nika Noorishad, 2022
Alexia Lopez, 2021
Mariamane Akopyan, 2021
Sukhman Singh, 2021
Diana Torres, 2020
Erwin Villegas-Voreck, 2020
Alexia Lopez, 2019
Marco Guillen, 2018
Anastasia Bernal, 2017
Gabriela Soto-Galvan, 2016
Cole Niblett, 2015