POLS 001: American Government
POLS 002: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 003: Introduction to Political Thought
POLS 004: Introduction to International Relations
POLS 015: Essentials of U.S. & CA Government 
POLS 016 - Power and Ideas in American Politics
POLS 020: Controversial Legal Issues
POLS 100M: Political Inquiry
POLS 100W: Writing Workshop
POLS 101: American Government for Teachers
POLS 102: State Government and Politics
POLS 103: Local Government and Politics
POLS 105: The Legislative Process (Congress)
POLS 106: The United States Presidency
POLS 107: Politics and Public Opinion
POLS 108: Political Participation
POLS 109: Women and Politics
POLS 110: Race and Politics
POLS 114: Introduction to Public Administration
POLS 120: Law and Society
POLS 121A: Constitutional Law: Institutional Powers
POLS 121B: Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
POLS 121C: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights
POLS 122: Judicial Politics
POLS 124: Introduction to Environmental Law
POLS 130: American Public Policy
POLS 135: U.S. Environmental Policy
POLS 141: Eurasian Politics
POLS 142: African Politics
POLS 144: Middle Eastern Politics
POLS 145: Asian Politics
POLS 146: Latin American Politics
POLS 147: Globalization
POLS 148: Nationalism and Comparative Political Cultures
POLS 150: War and Peace
POLS 152A: International Organizations and NGOs
POLS 152B: Model United Nations
POLS 153: European Union
POLS 154: U.S. Foreign Policy: Formulation and Administration
POLS 155: Wealth of Nations
POLS 156: Islam, Politics and the West
POLS 157: International Security
POLS 160A: Classical Political Thought
POLS 160B: Modern Political Thought
POLS 160C: Recent Political Thought
POLS 163: American Political Thought
POLS 170V: American Politics in Global Perspective
POLS 177: Political Psychology
POLS 180: Individual Studies
POLS 181: Internships
POLS 181C: Internship Capstone
POLS 184: Directed Reading
POLS 190: Senior Seminar
POLS 190H: Honors Thesis
POLS 195: Applied Research Methods
POLS 199: Current Political Issues