Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate program

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in political science at SJSU consists of one major and three minor programs. Students can pursue the following:

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

A Bachelor's Degree in Political Science provides students with an understanding of politics and the political process and prepares them for their lifelong responsibilities as citizens, as well as furthering their skills in critical analysis and communication. The major in political science may lead to a wide variety of careers, including teaching, the law, business, public service, and public policy. 

Political Science Minor 

Students majoring in a wide variety of fields find a minor in political science interesting and useful, providing knowledge and skills that enhance their careers, improve their citizenship and cultivate their minds. The minor appeals especially to students in the other social sciences or in business, journalism or administration of justice, although many others also use the minor to broaden their education. 


Minor in Public Administration and Public Policy 

The Public Administration and Public Policy Minor provides a structured introduction to the practice of government. This minor appeals especially to students who are interested in exploring careers in the public, private, or non-profit sectors that involve policy development, advocacy, and evaluation, or government relations. This minor compliments the Political Science major, as well as other majors across the social sciences, business, journalism, justice studies, social work, and many other disciplines.

Minor in Applied Research Methods

The interdisciplinary Applied Research Methods (ARM) minor is designed to prepare students for careers involving social research and data analysis. The ARM Minor provides students with a broad understanding of research methods, including both quantitative and qualitative approaches and techniques such as surveys, experiments, interviews, focus groups, ethnography, and content analysis. Students in the ARM Minor will learn to apply these research skills to socially relevant issues, combining theoretical background with hands-on skills practice. The ARM Minor provides an ideal complement to the programs of students from a variety of social sciences, business, and applied sciences and arts disciplines.