Apply to Graduate

Students must be within two semesters of satisfying degree and University requirements for their undergraduate major to be eligible to apply for graduation. 

College of Science Graduation Application Instructions (All Majors)

Step 1: Contact your major advisor to get your Graduation Plan with your remaining major coursework approved.

  • Your assigned major advisor and Department Chair/Undergraduate Program Coordinator must sign your completed Graduation Plan. Your department must submit the approved plan to the College of Science on your behalf. CoS-SSC does not accept approved graduation plans directly from students.
  • Computer Science Department majors will need to submit a request for a Graduation Planning Log (previously known as a Graduation Workshop Log)
    • Request a Graduation Planning Log from the CoS-SSC Graduation Specialist Team
    • Requesters will receive a Graduation Planning Log within 15 business days to complete and submit to their Assigned Major Advisor for approval & signature
    • Computer Science Graduation Plans cannot be initiated without a Graduation Planning Log
    • Computer Science Department Majors are defined as Computer Science, Data Science, and Computer Science and Linguistics undergraduate students

Step 2: Submit the Graduation Application Google Form.

    • Your graduation application will not be processed until we verify you have a signed, approved Graduation Plan on file

Step 3: Enroll or confirm enrollment in courses listed on your approved Graduation Plan to complete degree requirements. CoS-SSC recommends students attend a drop-in General Education Advising session with CoS-SSC to review/confirm University Graduation Requirement completion (GE, units, PE). 

All steps must be completed by the Graduation Application deadline.


Graduation Workshop & Readiness Survey is discontinued starting Spring 2024.

If you have any questions, contact the CoS-SSC Graduation Specialist Team (

CoS-SSC University Graduation Requirement Advising (GE, units, PE)

  • Open to all College of Science Graduation Applicants with at least 90 units earned and within two semesters of graduation
    • Held Wednesdays 9:00am-10:00am and Thursdays 3:00pm-4:00pm in-person in Duncan Hall 212
    • Discuss undergraduate General Education, SJSU Studies, and University requirements to be eligible for graduation
      • Graduation major advising will not be covered in CoS-SSC University Graduation Requirement Advising
      • See "Step 1" of the Apply to Graduate process for more information related to graduation requirements in your College of Science major

What's Next?

If you have completed the instructions to apply to graduate outlined above, you can expect your Graduation Status to be updated to “Applied for Graduation” or "Needs to Finish Pending Work" as the Office of the Registrar can complete it. Applications are processed by graduation term; applications for future terms may take longer to complete.

Any approved substitutions or equivalencies will be updated in MyProgress after your Graduation Status is updated.

Review the Graduation Requirement and Degree Evaluation Process to find out what to expect after your application has been processed.

If your Graduation Status has not been updated within 4 weeks of your graduation date or there are any issues with MyProgress, contact the CoS-SSC Graduation Specialist Team,

Issues with MyProgress

For College of Science Students only, students MUST CHECK MyProgress to identify any remaining issues.

All Red Square issues with MyProgress must be resolved before the end of the last semester otherwise there may be delays in awarding the degree.
Additional documentation (equivalency or substitution forms for example) may be required.

Inquire about your issues with MyProgress by contacting the CoS-SSC  Graduation Specialist team at