Vision and Goals

For SJSU to be recognized as a regional leader in sustainability expertise, sustainability must be explicitly incorporated into university goals and initiatives.

The three pillars of sustainability are social, environmental, economic. These four specific goals are essential to improving SJSU's overall sustainability:

  1. Economic - Sustainability Literacy
    • Ensure our graduates are sustainability literate and have the capacity to engage in actions that enhance sustainability at local and global levels
    • Prepare interested students for fulfilling careers in the green economy
  2. Environmental - Facilities Development & Operations
    • Minimize our eco-footprint and increase our use of renewable resources
  3. Social - Environmental and Social Justice
    • Commit to diversity, equity and inclusion in order to give everyone a chance to thrive, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and economic background
    • Develop programs to address the harmful effects of environmental degradation, most often immediately felt by low-income and minority communities
  4. Sustainability Stewardship
    • Empower our campus community to lead as a responsible steward in achieving social, economic and environmental equality

These four goals demonstrate the importance of educating the campus and community on the full spectrum of Sustainability as Environment, Economics, and social Equity.