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Recording of Sustainability Curriculum Development Workshop

The Sustainability Curriculum Development Workshop is offered every semester to share resources, best practices and examples on how to incorporate sustainability into existing courses. Click here to see the latest  recording! See below of examples of developed sustainability focused courses!

Roni Abusaad, Ph.D. Justice Studies JS 171-  Human Rights and Justice  Interdisciplinary exploration of human rights instruments, institutions, and notable human rights campaigns. The historical development of human rights and contemporary threats to the realization of fundamental dignity for human and non-human animals will also be explored.  
Serena Alexander, Ph.D. Urban and Regional Planning URBP 260-Environmental Planning Topics In-depth examination of selected topics specifically related to environmental planning.  
Dr. Tridha Chatterjee & Dr. Reiko Kataoka Linguistics & Language Development LING 123- Sound and Communication The course, which examines different types of animal communication systems and ways that communication helps animals to survive and reproduce. By examining how environmental destruction caused by human activities negatively impacts animal communication and seeking ways to undo such harms, this assignment gives students the opportunity to explore actionable steps towards sustainable futures where humans and other organisms would coexist in mutually beneficial ecosystems.  
Mary Conroy Child and Adolescent Development (ChAD) ChAD 161- Administration of Early Childhood Programs The methods, procedures, and practices discussed in this course are grounded in theories of child development and research in the areas of social/emotional and cognitive development; theories of learning and motivation ; research on contextual influences on development (e.g. child care, family, community); parental involvement; and the management of curriculum design and implementation for the early years.  
John Delacruz Journalism and Mass Communication

ADV 132-      UX and UI Design for Advertising

Students work through the human centered design process and engage in user experience design research methods and practices. They are provided with resources on ocean sustainability and they produce a Spark report on their sustainability research and its relationship with the UXUI aspects of their exercise. The aim is to engage students with practice and craft alongside a core, deep understanding of issues.  
Minghui Diao, Ph.D. Meteorology and Climate Science METR 112- Global Climate Changes This course introduces students to the science of global climate change including how the interactions among the various elements in the earth’s ecosystem have affected past climates, are shaping today’s climate and will impact future climate.  
Yoon Chung Han, Ph.D. Design DSGD 104- Introduction to Graphic Design Familiarization to form and message development. Emphasis on visual concepts and fundamental design theory.  
Yinghua Huang, Ph.D. Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management BUS2 130- Introduction to Marketing This course provides students with a broad background on the nature and scope of marketing concepts used in business. Student will explore the role of marketing both within the organization and within the external environment in which firms must operate.  
Edith Kinney, J.D., Ph.D. Justice Studies JS 171-  Human Rights & Justice Interdisciplinary exploration of human rights instruments, institutions, and notable human rights campaigns. The historical development of human rights and contemporary threats to the realization of fundamental dignity for humans and non-humans will also be explored.  
Faranak Memarzadeh, Ph.D. Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management HTEM 155- Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism Operations Concepts and principles of sustainable operations as applied to hospitality and tourism organizations. Topics include socio-cultural, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, the positive and negative impacts of development, corporate social responsibility, and current trends/issues related to sustainable operations.  
A. William Musgrave, Ph.D. School of Global Innovation and Leadership BUS5 187- Global Dimensions of Business The course introduces students to the political, economic and social consequences of the globalization of markets and industries. Topics include the basic theoretical foundations of international trade and finance, a discussion of the role of national cultures on business practices, an analysis of the growing integration of economies and a discussion of changes in emerging and developed countries.  
Sung Jay Ou, Ph.D. Anthropology ANTH 115-  The Emerging Global Culture Introduction to systems concepts and approach as a way to investigate the global impacts of industrial technology on political, economic, social and moral/psychological structures of humankind.  
Judith Randle J.D.,Ph.D. Justice Studies JS 158-        The Prison Community Analysis of formal and informal systems of organization and interaction among incarcerated people and staff. Effects of the social structure and external system on the organization of the prison community.  
Daniel Rivers, Ph.D. Humanities AMS 159- Nature and World Cultures This course offers a reading timeline along with a set of research, writing, and analysis activities that expose students to interdisciplinary and transcultural studies of fire: both as an environmental/scientific phenomenon, and also as a cultural technology.  
Kohar Scott Design DSID 4- Materials and Manufacturing Students were asked to design products that utilize sustainable materials and manufacturing methods that could support the Spartan Food Pantry and decrease single-use packaging waste.  
Thomas Shirley School of Global Innovation and Leadership BUS5 16- Introduction to Leadership and Innovation This interdisciplinary course covers basic theories of leadership and innovation and investigates key topics that influence contemporary social leadership issues. Students assess their leadership styles to create personal development plans leading toward positive, innovative impacts on society.  
Tianqin Shi, Ph.D. School of Global Innovation and Leadership BUS5 142-    Total Quality Management  Holistic approach to managing quality: interaction of production design, work design and the manufacturing process. International view and roles qualitative and quantitative techniques play in successful quality management programs.   
Chelsea Thompto Art and Art History

ART 109-      Web Development

Through both conceptual readings/context as well as hands-on practice, this course introduces students to the concept of sustainability in web development and gives the tools and resources to practice it in a hands-on, project-based learning environment.  
Igor Tyukhov, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering ME 115- Thermal Engineering Lab Thermodynamics and heat transfer experiments. Temperature, pressure, and flow rate measurements. Technical reports and presentations.  
Ming Zhou, Ph.D. Supply Chain Management BUS5 144- Supply Chain Management Addresses concepts/tools for effective and efficient management of supply chains. Topics include materials planning/control, sourcing strategy, strategic alliances, information technology role, quality/customer issues, inventory management, and distribution/logistics management.