Campus Action

Energy Landscape


Energy and Greenhouse Gas emission play a big role in powering the campus. The Office of Sustainability have envisioned a plan at 2030 to work to better the campus.

Campus fountain with recycled water.


The use of recycled water for boiler feed at the Central Plant eliminates the single remaining largest potable water usage at San Jose State University.

SJSU 10th Street Electric Car Parking


The Associated Students Transportation Solutions (TS) is dedicated to serve the commute needs of students and employees at SJSU.

Waste bin on campus.


SJSU continues to use Green Waste Recovery and a single stream collection process. All yard waste and food waste generated on campus is either composted at the hauler’s facilities or used in a waste-to-energy facility.

SJSU Community Garden


Our mission is to create positive change in the food system through meaningful experiences that promote well-being for people and the planet.

SRAC Buildings

Buildings & Landscaping

SJSU campus area comprises of 167 acres, of which 41 acres are buildings and 126 acres are grounds managed sustainably.


Basic Needs

The Office of Sustainability is dedicated to supporting the university mission of enriching the lives of our students. One of the ways we do that is by collaborating with SJSU Cares to help provide basic needs.