San José State University is a global leader in sustainability [pdf]. From the original inception of Earth Day events on campus to ongoing leadership at the collegiate level, SJSU is proud to be a hub for environmentalism across its students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Curriculum Development

The Office of Sustainability is a valuable resource for faculty looking to incorporate sustainability into their courses. Learn how we can help.

Degree Programs at SJSU

Prospective students, undecided majors and prospective graduate students trying to decide what to study have a wide range of degree programs to choose from at SJSU that have sustainability as part of the cirriculum.

Project Support

Have an idea that incorporates or promotes sustainability? Work with the Office of Sustainability.

Academic Programming

SJSU offers 1,533 sustainability-related or focused courses in 67 out of 73 total academic departments. In addition, all academic colleges at the University offered at least one sustainability course.


SJSU is a hotbed of rigorous academic research from leading and nationally-renowned entities. From the Mineta Transportation Institute to the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, learn how sustainability and environmental research done at SJSU helps the world.


Access tools, guides, information and resources available to all SJSU students and faculty.