Guide to create Zoom sessions in Canvas

  1. If you have never used Zoom before, log into Zoom  with your SJSU ID and password.
                        SJSU Zoom page to sign in

  2. Login to Canvas and navigate to your course. Click Zoom on the course navigation.
                                                   Zoom on left navigation menu in Canvas.

  3. Click on Authenticate and Authorize when prompted.
                                       Zoom authenticate button

    Zoom authorize message displaying name and email.

  4. To set up a Zoom meeting, click on Schedule a New Meeting.
    Schedule a Zoom meeting interface

  5. Fill out the settings of the meeting as desired.
    Schedule a Zoom meeting options including topic, date and time.

    - Topic: Enter the title of your meeting.
    - Description: Enter the description of the meeting (optional)
    - When: Choose the date and time of the meeting
    - Duration: Select the total amount of time the meeting will run for

  6. You can schedule meetings with multiple occurrences, so that each occurrence uses the same meeting ID and settings by selecting Recurring meeting.
    Zoom date and time recurring meeting options.

    - Recurrence and Repeat
    : You can schedule these meetings in daily, weekly and monthly increments
    - Occurs on
    : You can select the days as desired
    Either choose the desired end date or select the number of occurrences of the meeting

  7. Select required under Registration if you want the student to register before joining the meeting. If required, you can select the desired option for registration.
    Zoom meeting registration options, such as all occurrences or just one occurence.

  8. Select the audio and video settings for the instructor and students as desired.
    Zoom audio and video options, such as on or off.

  9. Select the required meeting options.
    Zoom session options, such as password and waiting room.

    - Require meeting password
    : A random password will be generated while
    scheduling a meeting. Students need to enter the password to join the meeting
    - Enable join before host
    lets the student join the meeting before instructor joins
    - Mute participants upon entry
    : Students will be muted as soon as they enter the meeting. Students or instructor can unmute the mic at the time of interaction.
    - Personal Meeting ID
    can be used with the people you meet with individually on a regular basis
    - Enable waiting room
    : Students should wait for the host to allow joining the meeting
    - Only signed-in users with specified domains can join meetings
    : The students need to authenticate using SJSU email address prior to joining the meetings. Alternatively, attendees will need to authenticate with any Zoom account to join.
    - Record the meeting automatically
    : You can select to save the recording either

  10. You may enter the SJSU email address in the Alternative Hosts section to make them the co-hosts of the meeting.
    Click on Save and you will be able to see the meetings appearing under Upcoming Meetings.
    Zoom session alternative host option.

    Once your meeting is scheduled, students in the course will receive an email notification about the meeting. Additionally, the meeting will appear on the student’s Canvas calendar.
    Zoom session on the Canvas calendar.