Guide to Schedule a Zoom Meeting

  1. If you have never used Zoom before, log into Zoom at with your SJSU ID and password.
                        SJSU Zoom page to sign in

  2. After logging in you will be redirected to the Zoom account main page. Click on the Schedule A Meeting option on the top right as shown below:
                                                   Zoom Home Page

  3. Fill out the meeting basic details:
    • Topic: Title of the meeting
    • Description: Description of the meeting

  4. Select the timing of the meeting:

    • When: Date and time of the meeting.
    • Duration: Duration for which the meeting needs to be scheduled.

  5. You can schedule meetings with multiple occurrences so that each occurrence uses the same meeting ID and settings by selecting the Recurring meeting option.
    • Recurrence and Repeat: You can schedule recurring meetings in daily, weekly and monthly increments.
    • Occurs on: You can select the days as desired.

  6. Choose either the desired end date or the number of occurrences of the meeting:

  7. Select Required under Registration if you want the student to register before joining the meeting. If required, you can select the desired option for registration.
    Zoom meeting registration options, such as all occurrences or just one occurence.

  8. Select the security option of the meeting.

    • Passcode: Students will be prompted to add the passcode for the meeting if One-Click join is not enabled in the main settings.
    • Waiting room: Enabling this option places students in the waiting room until you add them to the meeting.

  9. Select the audio and video settings for the instructor and students:

  10. Select the required meeting options:
    • Enable join before the host: lets the student join the meeting before the instructor joins.
    • Mute participants upon entry: Students will be muted as soon as they enter the meeting. Students or instructors can unmute the mic at the time of interaction.
    • Only signed-in users with specified domains can join meetings: The students need to authenticate using the SJSU email address prior to joining the meetings. Alternatively, attendees will need to authenticate with any Zoom account to join.
    • Automatically record meeting on the local computer: You can choose to record the meeting and save the video recording to your computer or the cloud.
    • Breakout Room pre-assign: See the next Step.

  11. Select the Breakout Room pre-assign option to create the breakout room prior to the meeting:

    • Create Rooms: Select the option to manually create the rooms:
      • Click on “+” to add rooms. Click the icon the same number of times you want to create rooms. For instance, for 5 rooms click 5 times.
      • Select each breakout room and add students to those rooms by typing their names in the Add participants field.
      • You can also select students and Move to other rooms or Remove.
      • Click Save.
        Note: If you don’t want to pre-assign breakout rooms, you can leave that option and edit it later. Before editing, please read the note mentioned in Step 15 carefully.

  12. You may enter the SJSU email address in the Alternative Hosts section to make them the co-hosts of the meeting.  Click Save and you will be able to see the meetings appearing under Upcoming Meetings.

  13. The meeting will be scheduled and will be visible in the Meetings section:

  14. Hover over the created meeting and click the Edit Button:

  15. Select the Edit this Occurrence or Edit All Occurrences option:
    NOTE: If you want to edit the Breakout Room pre-assign option, please select the Edit All Occurrences option.

  16. Change the required setting and Save the meeting again. If you want to Edit the Breakout Room pre-assign option then follow the same as Step 11.