The Faculty-in-Residence program is designed to connect on-campus housing students
with faculty members. The Faculty-in-Residence, who reside in campus provided
housing, support the Residential Curriculum, encourage the intellectual stimulation and
academic involvement, and provide mentoring for student residents. Working under the
general direction of the Director of Residential Life, the Faculty-in-Residence work
closely with the Coordinator for Academic Success, the professional and
paraprofessional staff and residential student government groups in developing a sense
of community, fostering involvement in social and educational events and activities, and
meeting the academic and community needs of resident students.

Kevin Kinney (Director of Residential Life) and Lina Anastasovitou (Coordinator for
Academic Success) oversee the Faculty-in-Residence program.
Faculty-in-Residence recruitment is currently closed.

Information regarding the selection process for the 2022-2023 Academic Year will be
made available in the spring semester of 2022.   

Should you have questions regarding the program please contact:
uhs-academic-initiatives@sjsu.edu or Lina Anastasovitou at 408.795.5658.


Etienne Brown

Dr. Étienne Brown is a professor in the philosophy department, where he teaches digital ethics and the philosophy of technology. He likes reflecting upon how social media has transformed the way we relate to each other, and his current research focuses on freedom of expression in online interactions. Most of his students are not philosophy majors, and he loves introducing new students to philosophy, which belongs to everyone in his view. Dr. Brown was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and remains proud of his French accent. He studied philosophy in Ottawa, Paris, Berlin, Montreal and London, so he knows what it’s like to have to adapt to a new environment. Outside of the classroom, he loves hiking, swimming and cooking. If you love tasting new dishes, Dr. Brown thinks that you have found the secret to happiness. He will also be more than happy to discuss what are the best cheap eats in San José with you! Dr. Brown lives in CVA, and you’ll often see him walking around campus with his partner Zoe.  

Jennifer Johnston

Dr. Jennifer Johnstonis a professor in physiology in the Biological Sciences Department. Prior to coming to SJSU, Jen was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University in which she developed a strategy that could be used to convert any location in the genome into a safe harbor for gene therapy applications.  Here at SJSU, Dr. Johnston and her team of undergraduates and Master's students are exploring the use of the CRISPR technology to edit the genome of hematopoietic stem cells for the purpose of treating patients with genetic blood disorders. By using these molecular scissors or CRISPRs, genetic sequences that are disrupted can be fixed when the correct sequence is added. As a first generation college graduate, Jen credits much of her career to a mentor she had at an institution similar to SJSU and hopes to, in the same way, impact young minds like yours. In her free time, Jen loves to explore all the natural beauty the Bay Area has to offer by going on hikes and frequently visiting the beach. She also loves exposing the west coast to her favorite southern desserts. Ask her to make you a pecan pie - it is to die for.

Walter Adams

Dr. Walter Adams is a professor in the Biological Sciences Department where he teaches classes about the exciting world of microbiology! This includes topics ranging from how bacteria and viruses help us, harm us (e.g. the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic), and everything in between. His research interests center on the constantly evolving struggle between the bad microbes that attack us and the white blood cells that protect us. He likes to think of it as being at the center of an epic battle scene in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, but under a microscope. Dr. Adams is a proud San Jose native and a graduate of Leland High School. He has pursued his passion for biology in Chicago, Santa Cruz, and Boston, but has returned to the great state of California for endless burritos, great weather, and surfing. Outside of the classroom you may catch Dr. Adams designing board games, composing music, and carefully curating his Best Burritos of San Jose List with his partner Christina. He is always eager to have a discussion on anything science related, bad puns, and of course, bad science puns.