Dennis Episkopos

Dennis Episkopos

Senior R&D Director 

Agilent Technologies 



Dennis Episkopos is the Sr. R&D Director of Agilent's Software and Informatics Division. He leads a global team in the US, Germany, France, Australia and India responsible for the development of several products such as OpenLab CDS, ChemStation, ELN, ECM, EZChrom etc.

Dennis has over 25 years of experience developing complex software systems with expertise in Cloud Computing and IT systems. He is known as a transformational leader with proven business expertise and deep technical knowledge. He is responsible for defining and building technologies to deliver Agilent’s Cloud Computing Strategy to serve large customers with their evolving needs.

Prior to his current role, Dennis was the CTO / CIO of Purple Communications where he defined and built a cloud based system to provide communications for the Deaf serving over 65K registered users in a FCC regulated environment. He was instrumental in defining Purple’s IoT strategy deploying 28K IoT devices. In addition, he put in place a threat-centric security strategy and implemented security technologies and appropriate response measures to security threats that passed many FCC audits.

Dennis served as VP of Architecture at Huawei where he defined Huawei’s Cloud Architecture using OpenStack that has the capability to serve large international mobile users.

Dennis has held engineering leadership roles in many industries spanning from Operating Systems development (Bell Labs) to Cellular and Satellite systems (Motorola) and large Communications systems (Lucent).

He has driven innovation across these businesses and holds multiple patents in the areas of Security, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Dennis holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from New York University.