Zoom Guidelines

Logistical Notes

Please review the below protocols for today's meeting:

  • Turn on your video, if bandwidth allows.
  • Remain on mute if you aren’t speaking to reduce background noise.
  • When speaking, introduce yourself first.
  • Be conscious of the large number of people on the call.
  • Raise your hand on Zoom, or send a chat.

Technical Recommendations

These recommendations may help avoid or resolve any quality and/or technical issues that arise during the meeng.

  • Closing all web based applicaons (email, calendar, other web browsing windows, and shared documents) besides Zoom before joining the meeting may assist with bandwidth issues.
  • Using a Zoom virtual background that has animation will use more bandwidth.
  • Another option that can assist with preserving bandwidth on your home network, is to minimize the network usage at home by turning off internet TVs, the Wi-Fi on your cell phones, and other web based devices.
  • If you need to join the session via telephone and computer simultaneously, one device must be muted otherwise feedback will be created.